Monday, February 26, 2007

King of Emotions

I've never seen someone with as much competitive emotion as Roger Federer.

It's something I both admire and am in awe of Federer for. There are few tennis players who can be so extremely competitive, yet maintain such the humbleness and personality that he does.

As Federer breaks Connors' record of consecutive weeks at number one, (161 weeks to be exact), the man doesn't look to be slowing down. There is more talk this year of a Grand Slam for Federer than anything else. Can anyone stop him?

There are certainly players out there with the weapons to threaten the Mighty Fed, but I'm not sure anyone - present or future - can consistently bang with this guy. He's in a league of his own.

No doubt the ATP is happy about its new-found mega star. The push now is to make Federer as marketable as any tennis female with good looks, and he has the charisma to go along with it.

Plus, he plays pretty good tennis.

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