Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ban the Bottle

Another post over at Green for Good - this one on bottled water.

UPDATE: Looks like the City of Seattle has caught on too! Mayor Nickels is banning all bottled water purchases for city use. AWESOME!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Can't Stop Writing

So for a few of you that might be still checking in here, or have stumbled upon the blog accidently, I thought I'd share the little amount of (non-academic, of course) writing I've been doing lately.

A couple weeks ago I went to an alumni panel for communication and journalism majors at Seattle U, and quite a few interesting SU alum showed up to share their wisdom. One of them was Teresa Wippel, an upbeat lengthy woman probably in her mid-40s. She spoke about her public relations firm that focused on green issues. She also talked about her new community-based web site, Green for Good, a place for people to gather and share green ideas in an effort to live a more sustainable life.

So, being the ever-hopeful journalism student, I approached Teresa after the panel with the proposal of doing a once-a-week column on students living green in a simple (and cheap) way.

Here's the first of my weekly columns in what we're calling the "Greener Grad." Enjoy!