Monday, January 15, 2007

Ah, The Wonders of the Web

Since June I've been without a television. It was mostly a choice. As a college student, you make decisions - sacrifices - about you have access to and what you don't. Living with four other people, three of which don't watch TV in the first place, it was an easy vote when the TV issue came up at our first house meeting. No cable in the house, which means no tennis for me.

But come Wimbledon it was a little too much for me. I used to savor getting up every summer morning growing up, finishing my paper route and settling in front of the tube for Breakfast at Wimbledon. Luckily with the invention of our good friend the internet, it's almost impossible to miss a beat at the year's majors.

Yesterday I watched Roddick in his epic tie-breaker. Digging himself a hole (6-7, 2-5) and climbing right back out. That was courtesy of ESPN 360. I listened to Mauresmo struggle, but get through Shenay Perry to open the day and fell asleep to the sounds of Aussie commentators chatting about Serena's over-sized earrings and surprising lack of errors.

My favorite feature of the Australian Open website is their radio section. Though the feed is delayed a minute or so, the commentators are a nice break from the dreariness of Mary Carillo and the predictability of Tracey Austin, etc. The accents are to die for and the voices remind you that this really is an Aussie event...something I think we tend to forget through our glowing boxes via ESPN.

It's incredible the accessibility I can have online. I can watch on 360, listen on RA, watch the live scoreboard from AO and look at pictures, read analyses, and low and about all of it when I'm through. Am I a full-functioning product of the 21st century, and though sometimes that scares and disgusts me, it's what I do best.

Day two brings Stosur, Hewitt and Molik. A truly Australian day at the Aussie Open, one that I'll enjoy from the comfort of my Seattle home.

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