Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Coaching Matters

Justine Henin (now minus the 'Hardenne'?) won't be joining the field at the Aussie next week. She cited pesonal reasons for her withdrawal and requested that the media "respect her privacy." Yet the loner personality of Henin has brought about rumors - that Justine has not denied - that she and husband Pierre have split.

Joel Drucker's piece on what he calls Justine's "only man" is insightful and well written. Check this article out, I highly recommend it.

And while one coach may have been a catalyst of a shortened marriage another is staying half-way around the world from his pupil. Andy Roddick announced in Kooyong today that he "doubts" Jimmy Connors will join him in Australia following the death of Connors' mother yesterday. While Connors attends to family matters, can Roddick make way on his uphill battle as the Comeback Kid?

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