Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Three Down...

Three months have passed in the 2007 tennis season and so far, it's been a year to remember. We certainly got our fill of action and drama in Australia, and the US hardcourt swing produced a couple shockers and a couple resurgent champions.

-Steve Tignor handed out first-quarter report cards today. How did your favorite player fair?

-The American women (minus V & S) just can't get it going this year.

-Maria is hurt. As is Andy, but he'll keep playing.

-Justine is tired. And Serena Williams is just plain lucky.

-Not only is Djokovic now a bona-fide top-ten player, this home video shows us (much better than TV, I think) what an athlete he is. His build is long and solid; expect great things from this kid.

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