Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dunzo in the Desert

For Daniela Hantuchova, it was her first title in five years. For Rafael Nadal, the first in nine months. Which stretch was more surprising? Probably Nadal's. Whose title was more surprising? Probably Hantuchova's. All in all, it was a great two weeks at Indian Wells.

There was the early-tournament faulters by the top seeds. One went down to a lucky loser while another fell to a resurgent countrywoman.

A Chinese woman banged her way to the semis. While she may not be the most well-behaved of them all, she's their best chance next summer in Beijing.

Andy fizzled against Nadal while the rest of his American boys struggled to win matches.

The American women fared no better.

For now, it is off to Miami. Maybe the marshes will treat those who didn't fare well (and those who didn't even show up) a little better.

And in other news:
-Amelie is out for a month.

-Kim might be marrying an American, but that doesn't mean she necessarily feels obligated to play here.

-If you habla espanol, enjoy the commentary. If not, the tennis is pretty good too:

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