Saturday, February 2, 2008

Joachim Johansson Retires

Joachim Johansson handed over the reigns of Most Misspelled ATP Name to Philipp Kohlschreiber this week as he officially retired at the tender age of 25.

Johansson had been struggling with shoulder injuries for the last couple of years and couldn't string more of a few weeks together on the tennis court.

Johansson is most famous for this match win over Andy Roddick at the 2004 US Open. Roddick was the no. 2 seed and defending champ. This was just at the beginning of the Rise of Roger, when Roddick was still considered one of the games elite five.

The next year at the Open, Roddick flopped again when he lost early and was heavily scrutinized by his sponsor American Express after they had built a massive ad campaign around him.

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