Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Long Time Coming

For the past three months, I've battled this blog on a daily basis. We've become bickering siblings; me wanting to play with others, Tennis Chatter wanting me all to herself.

I love the game of tennis. In many ways, it helped me along my path of adolescence, and has been an integral part of my developing writing career.

As I begin to make my final strides toward graduating from college, however, it's time for me to focus on things that have more of a direct impact on who I am. I've kept this blog going because of that love, but also because I feel a pressure to do things for the unknown future, for the potential job interview, for the chance at one-upping my peers.

I want to work for a lot of things in this life, and tennis is one of them. But right now I'm at such a crossroads - both personally and professionally - that I'm unsure of where tennis will come in, and what role it will play in my life.

I hate to add my blog to the thousands that have gone to the wayside in the recent past. I, however, feel as though I will return here sometime in the future to make some sort of change or perhaps to re-capture my love for this game in a whole new way.

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented, bashed or browsed in the last year; you're all much appreciated.



Annahojolee said...

I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago. Your reasons for concluding the blog are quite reasonable. But I hope you will resume it in the future - it was good to read!


Erwin said...

You know we'll be the first one throwing you a "welcome back" party when Tennis Chatter is up and running again.

Philip aka Oberon said...

Yes, I know how all-consuming blogging can be: she's a harsh mistress! Hopefully you will find time to resume at some point.

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