Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tennis Chatter: A New Dress Code

Professional tennis players are increasingly utilizing a new dress code on tour: the no-clothes dress code, that is. Yup, Wimbledon White may be in style for the next two weeks, but players are making headlines for their bare bodies almost as much as their blazing backhands over the last couple of months.

This month, ATP resident hottie Fernando Verdasco bared it all for UK Cosmopolitan to help raise money for a cancer cause, Everyman Male Cancer Campaign.

But (pun intended), Verdasco isn't the first ATP star to pose for the campaign. As the ATP site points out, Tommy Robredo did so a year ago. (Pictures | Story) Oh those Spaniards. I wonder who is next ... Rafa?

Keeping with the baring it all theme, who knew that American struggler Ashley Harkleroad could make such big Roland Garros headlines while winning just three games the entire tournament? Well, she did. After her first-round loss to Serena Williams, Harkleroad confirmed to reporters that she posed naked for Playboy Magazine.

Is Harkleroad going the way of Kournikova?

One player that's posed naked for the camera and still kept her tennis career aflame is Serena Williams herself. Last year, the two-time Wimbledon champion posed for Jane Magazine. And, to one-up Harkleroad, Robredo and Verdasco, she did the shoot in heels.


Photo by thesmokingsection via flickr.

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m said...

Oh those Spaniards. I wonder who is next ... Rafa?

Feli Lopez already did it.

So did Tommy Robredo.


Rafa has been quoted as saying he won't do it because he's "too shy".

As true as that may be, I think that guy is a LOT craftier and savvier and cagier than world press and fans give him credit for (and he and his team like it that way), and he knows that some mystery builds fantasy, and that to a certain extent it's better to conceal than to reveal.


Back to Tabasco Verdasco - I'm trying to find some verification that he's cracked the Top Ten. Ay news??