Thursday, March 1, 2007

Clip of the Week

Looking at the past to learn about our future is something I always see as valuable. In today's media, it's continuous discussion of the present-day Iraq war and the parallels it holds to the Vietnam disaster of the late 60s.

In tennis, however, we have lower stakes to deal with. Yet there is much to be learned from the champions of yesterday. Looking at this clip of the 1984 French Open final between Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert reveals this to me: champions can be good friends. Navratilova and Evert hug at the net, chat about the match and then make their way to the trophy presentation. What surprised me most was the body language of the two: a gesturing hand, the easy-going smiles, the sincerity of their laughter. This was one of the most intense rivalries in WTA history, yet they understood what tennis was in this world: a game.

What baffles me is that there are only 11 Navratilova clips on YouTube, a despicably low number. Yes, I understand that YT is a new phenomenon and is mostly used by the younger generation, but I consider it a crime that such a history-changing champion isn't better represented on the Internet's most-used video Web site.

What I'm getting at here is that the Sharapovas, Henins, Ivanovics and Vaidasovas of today should be all ears and eyes when it comes to understanding how the game of tennis fits into the game of life. It pains me so to see tremendous champions isolate themselves for the glory of a game that in the long run is just...well, a game.


Anonymous said...

Its not baffling at all that there are "only" 11 Navratilova clips, as there are not that many for Chris Evert or Jimmy Connors or the famous Borg v Gerulaitis Wimbie semi final or Billie Jean either from back then, because they were all taken down a couple of months ago!

The one's up on Youtube now are mostly from European shows, and there are the 2 min promo clips that advertisers want up (ex, Jimmy Connors new DVD commercial venture). The other great matches, shows, and clips were taken down by "copyright" holders.

There were some great clips with some great memories on Youtube before that. Too bad some legit source can't make those old matches available at REASONABLE prices in great condition with extras.

Nick McCarvel said...

Any ideas on why the clips were taken down? You make such a good point, there really aren't very many old clips at all! Even searching names like Jimmy Connors and Gabriela Sabatini gets you little.

Some amenities, like YouTube, certainly serve some audiences better than others.

Too bad for us though, right? Any suggestions on where ELSE to what good vintage tennis on the Internet?