Monday, March 5, 2007

A Week of Wacky

This past week in the tennis world certainly was one to remember. February is usually the dullest of dull when it comes to the tennis season. Both the men and women are dotting the globe at obscure locations, and while these tournaments are gaining better coverage from the media and greater participation from top players (see 'Gulf Double') it really isn't until this week when the tour can make its second debut of the year at Indian Wells.

Yet February may remain a crucial month for the future of tennis. If organizers can put together a healthy Asian swing of Tier I and II tournaments, more men and women from the top of the fields will stay in the Pan-Pacific following the Aussie to play these events. This brings tennis to more people, assures us that we are a truly 'global' game and keeps fans interested instead of falling into mid-winter lulls.

Though officials in Melbourne have expressed that moving the Australian Open to March from January would be tournament suicide (January=good weather, big crowds), think of the impact of this already-entertaining major if it were to follow not only Sydney, but Tokyo, Dubai and other February draws. The effects could be incredible, and I assure you ratings would go up everywhere, even if the tourney filled a few less seats.

I won't waste my time all day on forecasting the probably-impossible future. However I did want to give you a good fill of the week of wackiness that occurred these past seven days. Enjoy!

-Do we really trust Hawkeye all the time? I know Rafael Nadal now doesn't.

-Now that's what I call a stamp of approval.

-So who's still a fan of the round-robin format? Seriously.

Oh, and always the aspiring-journalist that I am, I wanted to wrap up a story I started last week. Mexican Melissa Torres, a virtual unknown, finally lost in the quarterfinals in Acapulco last week. The local girl had a spectacular run and I hope to see more from her in the future.

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