Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Giant Killer

Guillermo Canas has done what no man since Rafael Nadal in 2003 did: beat Roger Federer in two consecutive events.

His win yesterday at the Sony Ericsson proved much more difficult than his victory a week ago against the current number one. It took two tiebreaks, but more noteably, it was Canas who won both breakers, not Federer.

Yet the timing of this "slump" for Federer couldn't be better. Weaknesses that his sometimes flawless-looking game certainly has were exposed against the Argentine and we all know that we can leave it to the Mighty Fed to be even more prepared for the upcoming clay-court season.

Meanwhile, one Andy was able to continue his march in a Federer-less draw while another failed for the second straight tournament to capitalize on the world number one's absence.

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