Thursday, May 10, 2007

Clip of the Week: King Doubt

Roger Federer has gone from King of Tennis to King Doubt in the matter of a couple months.

Following his shocking back-to-back losses to Guillermo Canas at the two hardcourt swings in the US this spring, Federer fell to Nadal in the Monte Carlo final two weeks again and then today against an unknown qualifier in Rome.

All of the sudden the King is looking vulnerable, and now the question is not only will he be able to survive two weeks on the dirt at Roland Garros, but can he continue his mastery of Wimbledon and the USO?

Certainly the other top men are licking their chops: this is what they've all been waiting for. Nadal is aiming for a third-straight French, while everyone else has securely aimed their arrows at the bulls-eye on his back.

So much for trouble on a two-surface court, Roger has to figure out how to win on one.

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