Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Fairy Tale Continues

Remember this?

It's Melissa Torres. The woman of the week at Acapulco in late February. It seems as though her fortunes have continued and her confidence is soaring.

Since her run to the quarterfinals at the Tier III, Torres has racked up a 10-4 record and has jumped to 235 in the rankings this week - her highest ever.

Playing tennis growing up, I would hit against the wall in our alley and my favorite storyline always went like this:

Hometown guy (or gal), given a wildcard, made his way through the opening match against a drastically higher ranked player in three sets only to roll out win after win after win in dramatic fashion (usually involving tie-breaks aplenty and overruled line calls).

That's what I like about Melissa Torres. She has the fairy tale storyline. Too bad Mexico doesn't host a Slam, right?

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