Thursday, May 3, 2007

Wacky...What Day?

I was ready to call this post 'Wacky Wednesday', and then I realized that it's not Wednesday - that's how tired I am.

School and Search both have me worn down. The retreat is this weekend and I'm looking forward to going through all of it once again. This is my 6th now and it never gets old. Never.

One thing that does get old is a drug-out, lackluster farewell tour. Now yes, I understand that I've had choice words for Kim Clijsters and her pitiful departure from the tour, but this is getting disgusting.

A reader had something to say to me last time I posted about Kim, but I think this topic deserves more discussion: there are certain ways to do things in life, appropriate ways. In sport, retiring can be a tricky practice. Professionals are faced with many options:
1. Abrupt announcement of said departure (See: Lindsay Davenport).
2. Announcement of final few tournaments (See: Andre Agassi).
3. "Retiring" while everyone knows you'll return (See: Martina Hingis).
4. Going out after one final bang (See: Pete Sampras).

I was hoping that Clijsters would join the latter group, perhaps claiming Wimbledon with her lethal groundstrokes and a second USO title after a late-summer wedding. But this will not be the case. Instead we will watch a player full of could-have-beens go out just as that, a could-have-been.

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