Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dirt-y Questions (Part Three): The Back Story...Is it Always This Dramatic?

Ashley Harkleroad.

Who knew a girl could dig up so much drama?

After a successful 2003 campaign (at the age of 18), Harkleroad has teetered between top-50 greatness and mid-100s journeywoman. But the back story is what keeps this girl interesting.

I wonder, is there something about the game of tennis - the way youngsters (especially girls) are pushed so hard to be so competitive at a young age? We saw it with Patty Schnyder: after a tremendous 1998, Schnyder sort of fell off her rocker, dumping her coach and dating/training with a so-called guru.

Is there a pattern here?

Perhaps Harkleroad is just finding her way. But, for all intents and purposes, dating a coach probably isn't the best idea. Dating your coach certainly isn't, either.

Oh yeah, and Harkleroad plays Venus in round two. Any boyfriend advice there?

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