Friday, July 6, 2007

Cross Town, Cross Country

While the men and women of Wimbledon were doing their best to play through the wet weeks that have been particularly persistent this fortnight, I was dodging in and out of a few Northeast storms during my third week in New York City.

Upon my arrival in the city just over three weeks ago, I discovered that my sublet (arranged through our family friend, Meghan), wasn't exactly what I thought it to be. It turned out that Meghan was staying in New York for the summer, meaning I was bumped to the 'guest room' of the apartment.

Now, I'm okay with a little change-up, and Meghan has to be hands-down the nicest person I've ever met. However, a small room with no outside window, a single bed, no air conditioner and (as I found out on my last night there) a leaky ceiling...I felt as though I wanted my New York experience to be a little more high class. This was my summer in the city, right?

The sent rainwater dripping onto my pillow just inches from my head!

Therefore, I moved into a new place in the East Village, just one train ride (19 blocks, via the 6 Local) to work and three blocks away from my great friend Matt. The East Village is in Manhattan, and is a vibrant part of this cultured city.

After spending much of Wednesday and Thursday moving into my new place, I flew back to Seattle Thursday night for a wedding in Spokane that is happening tomorrow, Saturday. I've enjoyed my short time back in Seatown to see some good friends, tie up a few loose ends and get ready for my friend Laura's wedding.

Monday takes me back to NYC and the world of TENNIS Magazine. I hope that the internship will keep its bite post-Wimbledon and one such event to help that will be the Hall of Fame Induction we're attending next Saturday, in Newport, R.I.

Until then, my thoughts and prayers are with Annie, Kevin and Tiny...who are ready for their adventure together any day now! Love you all.

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