Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tati vs. Mari Feud?

Do Tatiana Golovin and Marion Bartoli hate each other?

So it would seem.

Bartoli, the Wimbledon finalist, recently told reporters in Stanford, CA., that not only did Golovin fail to congratulate her on her success in London, but that the two girls don't even say hi when passing each other in the locker room.

Golovin might be jealous, seeing that the only attention she got at Wimbledon was for her underwear. And that's not much of a compliment when you're a Top 20 player.

Marion Bartoli returns the ball to Venus Williams during her Cinderella run at Wimbledon. (Photo by jonathan 20 via flickr.)

Until recently, Golovin had been the best-known and highest-ranked young French player. However, Bartoli's steady success this year culminated in her brilliant run at Wimbledon, where she took out top seed Justine Henin in the semifinals.

So when will this French feud be settled? The two are both playing at Stanford this week, and could meet in the semifinals. Racquets won't be the only weapons used in that match - the claws might be out too.

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