Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tennis Chatter

Hold the phone, did you say Anna Lena Groenefeld won a match? Well that's only her THIRD main-draw win of the entire season. Hopefully she can shake the coach drama and return to her former Top-20 self.

Donald Young lost another ATP match? I think that puts his record at 0-11 now. We know you just won junior Wimbledon, Donald. But it looks like you might need to stick to the Challengers and Satellites for a bit longer.

Lindsay Lohan truly is a role model for the WTA Tour stars, at least according to tennisplanet she is.

And what is Serena Williams doing? Really. I mean, if LL is a role model, then I guess Serena is following her footsteps. But I'm not sure TP wanted Serena to be that literal. (PS - The body is ALL muscle, no fat included.)

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