Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Garbage, Art and My Future (In the Air)

New York smells. I mean really, it smells. For those of you that are Montanans, think Missoula, mix in a little garbage and throw in a dash of bad bathroom smell and voila! You have New York City.

Now you must understand, the entire city doesn't wreak, but the variety of wafts I get every morning on my way to (and inside of) the subway are enough to make you cringe a little. That's big city living though, right?

Creativity is always in the air in this city as well, and thanks to having one of the most well-informed artistic buffs as one of my best friends, I get to bypass the critics section in the New York Times and go straight to the good stuff.

Recently I joined my friend, Matt, for an uptown ride on the 6 train (always my favorite) to attend an outdoor display of art at The Met. The display included three over-sized movie screens, hung on the side of a building, with dancers of all different disciplines projected onto the screens.

These dancers were not ordinary performers, however, their 15-second dance sequences had been slowed down to dozens of frames per second, so that they move in the slowest of slow motion. The beauty of it - to me - was captivating. And though I'll never know a fouette as well as I know a forehand, the sight of it all was enough to make my mouth drop.

And while the aroma of art passed through my life this week, the fragrance of my future has been lingering in the air since I arrived in the City. New York appeals to so much of me - to my love of urbania, to my writing, to the dream of living here - yet I'm not sure if it's rubbed me the right way in my time here. I'm still undecided.

Come Saturday I'll board a plane for a week in Montana with my family, re-entering the world of pine trees and wildfires and get a little perspective on life. And, thank god, a little fresh air.


Philip aka Oberon said...

Interesting that you have chosen Isabelle Guerin from all the dancers to grace your blog...she used to dance at NYC Ballet as a guest (she has recently retired)...if, as you say, your knowledge of ballet is limited you have shown at the very least a keen eye for the poetry of dance. The film of her is extraordinary!

The more time you spend in New York City the more you will come to appreciate the contrast of beauty and squalor that makes it such a fascinating place.

M said...

I refuse to accept this whole "I'm not sure yet," attitude. You'll get used to the might even find yourself missing them. Okay that might be pushing it but still.

I'm so glad you liked the installation! I think anyone would appreciate it, the dancers are so exquisite! FAS!

Erwin said...

Is that the same installation they had outside the New York State Theater?

Nick McCarvel said...

Yes, sir, it is. The Met is actually right next to the State Theatre. The screens themselves on hung on the front entrance of the State.