Monday, September 10, 2007

Blah Blah Blogs

I was telling one of my good friends last night how taxing blogging can be. When I first started to blog in January, I thought that it would be easy to put up content everyday that got reader's attention.

The ideas and execution take a lot of effort, I soon realized, and everyday blogging was as difficult as everyday working out. Over the past two weeks I did my best to keep up with the Open and all its goings on, but sometimes life calls in other ways.

TENNIS Magazine still churns out what I think is the best blog in the biz: Peter Bodo's TENNIS WORLD. Bodo himself posts intriguing and thoughtful entries about every two to three days, while 'TW Tribe Members' help with posting week in and week out.

I also want to give a shout out to Erwin Ong, over at Tennis Served Fresh. Erwin was a blogging maniac when it came to the US Open this year, keeping us all up to date on who looked best on the court and who just shouldn't have shown up (Bethanie Mattek, anyone?). Erwin's efforts earned him some recognition in a recent SacBee article, too.

And while talking about the blog arena, I can't help but mention Jon Wertheim, over at SI. Though Wertheim doesn't have what would be technically be called a blog, he does great tennis coverage, especially during Slam time. His mailbag at the end of each Major is always fun to read - check that out early this week.


M said...

Blogging is SUCH hard work. Today I was sitting at Gizzy's and by the end of my two hours there I'd written two blogs and was exhausted. This is going to be quite the challenge for me putting up new material frequently on two blogs but I gotta try!

I always love reading whatever you put up, tennis or otherwise, keep it up :-)

Erwin said...

Yep, blogging is tough. With my style of blogging (more aggregating than reporting), I'm finding it hard to keep my blog's tone. Anyone else having that problem?

And Nick: you have been posting great stuff, too. (How are people responding over at Sportingo?

Looking forward to your posts as the season winds down.

Nick McCarvel said...

Your work is incredible Erwin! I love the stuff you put up. Sportingo is hit and miss, but it's good motivation for me to write, write, write.