Thursday, September 6, 2007

What If Mary Was One of Us?

Troy Venechanos was my fellow intern at TENNIS Magazine this past summer, and we had a great time together following the daily happenings of the men's and women's tours. The editors would always walk by our desks laughing because Troy and I had constant banter going on: he loved Hantuchova, I love to make fun of her. He worshipped the Williams sisters, I liked to tear them down. On and on.

Troy got quite talented on his fancy Mac toward the end of our internship at working on Photoshop. He created the lovable Federbear and Roger Federer's 2007 Christmas card, featuring my fave: Mirka.

Yet I had to save his best for last. Troy emailed me just yesterday, saying that he was doing well in France (where he's studying abroad and stalking Richard Gasquet). He informed me that (finally) he had started a blog. I saw it as the perfect opportunity to put up his masterpiece he calls "What If Mary Pierce Was One of Us?"

Mary Pierce is one of my favorite players on the women's tour. Along with Capriati and Seles, I'd really like to see the former champ return to play. Lately, however, I've heard she's turned to prayer and meditation to help her comeback, and thus, this picture:

(I always thought Mary Pierce was holy - it's in the eyes. This picture proves it. Illustration by Troy Venechanos.)

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troy said...

I am honored and ecstatic to have an official AIPT post - we had good times indeed. To quote Serena "I can't even comment 'cause I don't want to get fined. I can't afford to pay the fines 'cause I keep losing."

Mary bless us, everyone.