Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Players Have Pages, Too

I forget that pro tennis players have their own Web sites sometimes. It just slips my mind that I might actually find something worth reading on a player's page instead of from a news or specialty site. My site roll on my Internet Explorer consists of several such pages, none of which I frequent for some reason. So, with a persistent Seattle rain falling outside today I decided I should do some page shopping and see what I find.

It seems that Ana Ivanovic might be one of the most marketable athletes in pro sports today. She's talented, young, beautiful, has a great personality and has made a meteoric rise up the WTA rankings sheet. Ana blogs weekly on her site, and, from what I can tell, she can put together some intriguing thoughts.

Andy Roddick is one of the most free-spirited and down-to-earth guys on the tennis tour, but his Web site couldn't be more clean cut and professional. DimensionMedia maintains the site which is always up to date with the latest Roddick happenings. Just today the Roddick news ticker had five new stories to post, plus the photo gallery was updated with Davis Cup photos.

Kim Clijsters frightens me. So does her Web site. So does the idea of Kim's Land.

For a long time now, Rafael Nadal's personal site has been on my site roll as a must-see. Not only does this site have tons of pictures, but Nadal's team does a great job of keeping it updated with a lot of what Rafa is doing off the court. Since Nadal is Federer Junior in the sense that we know what he's doing on the court, I like to get the off-court scoop. Especially if it's shirtless.

Finally, one of my favorite vintage players, Monica Seles has a great site run by a couple of die hard fans. If anyone could have an incredible fan-run site, it's Seles. Not only do these guys update news on Monica, but they have a great collection of pictures and videos - both pre- and post-stabbing.

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