Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's Already Wednesday?

I'm getting a little scared for school to roll around. In just one week we start up fall quarter, and after a terrific summer at TENNIS that included blogging up a storm, I'm wondering if I can keep up with the pace both in the real world and the blogosphere.

My two best friends are visiting from Seattle before we head back for school, and yesterday we ventured to land I usually leave untouched: the Helena Valley. Now, Helena is a gorgeous town, one that I'm very thankful that I grew up in. My house is centrally located, however, so trips out to the Valley are few and far between; I prefer the downtown area with its old charm and pedestrian-only outdoor shopping mall.

(The view from Mt. Helena. Love it. Photo by Jon_Marshall via Flickr.)

But we were on a mission at Hasting's (think Barnes and Noble) to find the October issue of TENNIS Magazine. This month's issue of TENNIS is a double feature in the McCarvel category: my name is on the masthead again (am I bragging here?) and on page 66 you can find a yours truly demonstrating a workout for all our avid readers.

Sure, I'm tooting my own horn here, but it's rare to have the opportunity to work at a magazine...but to also have your picture in it? That's something I'll toot about.

(Ivanovic looks oh so good on the cover. AIPT photo.)

Meanwhile, I did a little scoping of the AOL sports section online today and was bitterly disappointed. I'm always trying to find new sources of news when it comes to tennis, and AOL quickly earned itself a "I'll-Never-Check-This-Site" label. Not only was "Davenport into Bali final" the main headline (which was from five days ago), Roger Federer holding his USO trophy was their second story (a ten-day old headline). The tennis person at AOL is AWOL.

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