Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sportingo Success

A couple months ago I joined Sportingo as a fan writer. I promised myself that I'd write one story per week to keep myself working hard toward a goal I've had for many years: become a tennis journalist.

In a lot of senses, blogging makes me feel like I've already entered the realm of tennis reporting. Perhaps I have, but in today's world, the difference between being a blogger and a journalist is tremendous, and the next 12 months in my life are when I hope to close that gap.

My work at Sportingo has been well received. I've been criticized on a few of my articles and praised for others. It's all part of the process in getting to where I want to be. With nine Sportingo articles under my belt, I'm still considered a "Rookie", but know that each post means I'm taking another step forward.


M said...

I'm so excited that you've become a Sportingo Pro! Your writing is so excellent, they are lucky to have you around. I can't wait to see your developments in your budding journalism career.

Erwin said...


Loved that piece on Hingis. I have similar goals with switching from blogger to journalist in the next year. That difference in title will make it easier to get a press pass, no? ;-)


Nick McCarvel said...

Have you tried getting a press pass under the 'Blogger' title yet, Erwin? I wonder what the tourneys do with that. There are quite a few tennis blogs out there with quite a few readers.