Sunday, September 2, 2007

Time? There's Never Any Time!

These last few days have been absolutely hectic. Since being back in Montana, I've taken to working as much as possible (seeing that New York had stripped me of all financial dignity) and have been putting in 10-plus hour days.

It's 5:30-11 at the coffee house, and then 11:15-4 at the taco shop. My favorite is when people come in for coffee in the morning, and then happen to stumble into my second job location for lunch. They get this look on their face like, "Haven't we done this before?" Hey, it's Helena...and this happens a lot.

The US Open has continued and as much as I would've liked to have two weeks to beach myself on the couch and watch countless hours of tennis it just can't happen. This weekend I'm in Missoula with my good friend Matt and his family, attending a wedding and soaking up the last bits of Montana summer.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and if you don't recognize that quote in my title, here's a little video to jog your memory.

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