Tuesday, September 4, 2007

LIVE Blog: US Open Night Session

Welcome to the live blog of the US Open. It's week two of the year's last Major and not only has the day session extended itself into the night, but dreamy Novak Djokovic is on Arthur Ashe for our viewing pleasure.

7:00 -- I turn on the TV to watch Juan Monaco force Djokovic into a third-set tie breaker. Monaco goes up 5-3 before a ball falls out of his pocket, forcing him to lose the point due to the fact he was warned for the same infraction earlier. Monaco still fights off a match point to force a fourth set.

7:05 -- I run upstairs to shower following an afternoon of tennis and working out.

7:15 -- Djokovic is up 3-1 in the fourth. He's just got to hold out from here and he's in the quarters.

7:18 -- The ING monster commercial comes on. That's number one. (My guess is at least 19 times tonight; plus the McEnroe AmEx commercial I'm sure I'll be seeing at least a dozen times. Though this is fun from the AmEx Website.)

7:34 -- Djokovic closes out Monaco 6-1 in the fourth and gives an angry "I'm so frustrated with how I played but so relieved that I won" look to his box. He's into the quarters. I was hoping for a celebratory shirt removal, but no luck.

7:49 -- USA runs a Serena-Justine preview sequence with only Justine voiceovers. No Serena? Maybe she was busy making her PC commercial. Lackluster preview to say the least.

7:51 -- The McEnroe AmEx commercial runs for a second time this hour (or maybe I missed a couple). I think they had a great idea in the Dispute Resolution ads, I just wish they would've done three or four different takes with McEnroe, so it doesn't have the Genworth Financial effect.

8:00 -- Federer is interviewed in the USA studios. Roger is boring/candid as usual. His answers are always just so predictable. He did say maybe stake or Italian for dinner...I'm sure Mirka will make that decision, though.

8:09 -- Serena is interviewed in the tunnel and looks cool, calm and collected. Justine comes around the corner and is surprisingly talkative. Plus, she smiles - TWICE!

8:23 -- Serena is down a break early, 2-0.

8:30 -- The camera pans the stars in the crowd: Tony Bennett, Monica Seles, Martina Navratilova and Mayor Dinkins.

8:38 -- Marie Callendar puts together the most frightening commercial EVER featuring chicken pot pies.

8:43 -- Serena misses another swinging volley to go down 2-4.

8:53 -- Serena holds for 4-5.

9:00 -- Serena breaks for 5-all.

9:14 -- Justine plays a superior tiebreak after saving a set point at 5-6 to win the first set, 7-6.

9:23 -- Michael Barkamp interviews Monica Seles, who hints she might be back on the pro tour in the near future.

9:24 to 9:50 -- Justine Henin kicks Serena's butt. Over and over again.

9:53 -- USA shows clip after clip of Carlos Rodriguez coaching Justine from throughout the match. Bananagate anyone?

9:58 -- Justine is your victor, 7-6, 6-1.

And while I want to stick around for Michael Barkamp's always-compelling interviews, I have clicked the TV off and am ready for a Tuesday night milkshake. Venus or Janky everyone? I'm hoping for the V-factor.


M said...
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M said...

"Marie Callendar puts together the most frightening commercial EVER featuring chicken pot pies."

Amazing. i wish I could see what you were talking about. Congrats on the first live blog!

Nick McCarvel said...

I couldn't find the clip on YouTube. Just think Carson and her 50s housewife skirt. So. Scary.

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troy said...

I'm sorry, o I'm SO sorry