Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Bird Lost

Thousands, maybe millions, of birds lost their lives this past week so America could chow down on the sacred day we know as Thanksgiving. It was my first go-around at the gorge fest as a vegetarian, and surprisingly, I did okay.

There was plenty of good food to eat at my friend's parent's house in Portland. Delicious mashed potatoes, incredible green beans, vegetarian stuffing and yams. Part of me missed the turkey, while another part was proud of sticking to my guns.

While I may have saved a bird (or half a bird, or just a few pieces of a bird), the game of tennis has claimed its fair share of the feathered creatures over the year. Once, in high school, a teammate of mine hit a serve that hit a trotting bird against the fence and ended its life.

In this video, too, a bird can't escape the giant green bullet moving at it with great speed. As sad as it is, enjoy the light moment toward the end. And, make sure to watch is super-slow motion so you know just what happened.

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