Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Year Later: Mary Pierce Falls in Linz (COTW)

Just over a year ago, Mary Pierce suffered a horrific fall in Linz during a match with Vera Zvonareva.

The French veteran, who had a resurgent 2005 in reaching the finals of both the French and US Opens, was sidelined again with a torn ligament in her leg.

For much of 2007, Pierce has made sure the public knows that she'll be back. She was a socialite at the French, attending parties and doing commentary before helping present the trophies in a cream-colored frump gown...I mean, dress.

(Mary Pierce making a fashion "statement" at the '07 French Trophy presentation. Photo by Maria Victoria via Flickr.)

A call is in at the WTA about Mary's return. Any one have any info? For now, check out the fall itself - and hope that Mary is back in full health - and better attire - in 2008.

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