Thursday, November 8, 2007

Clip of the Week: See It, Believe It

Anna Chakvetadze somehow pulled out a three-set win over Jelena Jankovic to be the fourth semifinalist at the YEC in Madrid today.

Chakvetadze joins Maria Sharapova, Justine Henin and Ana Ivanovic in the semis. Doesn't it seem like this tournament just started? Crazy!

If you can see through your I-can't-believe-Serena-withdrew tears (Troy!), then here's a little tidbit of info you might enjoy: tennis on the internet.

I love the blogosphere for many reasons, but one of them is that information can be passed around so easily. Now, sometimes that might be a negative thing, but in the case of enabling those of us who do not own TVs to watch some high-quality tennis on the web, I'm all for it.

I did, finally, find some YEC videos on YouTube.

Oh, and in case you didn't see this score, be ready to feel really, really bad for Marion Bartoli. At least the holidays are coming up for Mari, she loves feasting with Mirka!

To rant for a minute, what a disappointing end to the season for Jelena Jankovic. I really feel that Jankovic didn't live up to her billing this year. Maybe that's unfair to say, but the Serb didn't win any big matches that proved to me she truly is a top-tier player. She still hasn't solved the Henin riddle (though few have), and her inability to win key matches (such as the one against Chakvetadze today) shows me that she isn't among the best in the game.

Now don't get me wrong, Jankovic is my favorite player on tour right now, and I admire so much of her game. But for her to be a threat in 2008, she needs to pull her game - and her head - together to make a run at some major titles.


troy said...

im about to rant on how Jelena Jankovic is becoming Kim Clijsters more and more everyday

Erwin said...

marion feasting with mirka...