Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Halloween, A Week Late

While play is already under way in Madrid (Hey! That rhymes!), there's something still Halloween-esque in the air.

Troy and I spent quite the summer at TENNIS Magazine. While in title, we were just lowly interns sent on various tasks (like fetching manikin legs), we certainly were professionals in other realms.

Those realms included (but were not limited to):
1. Banter.
2. Fighting about who got to marry Akgul first.
3. Arguing over whether Daniela had eaten 3 or 2 crackers during the year.
4. Lunch breaks in the park (Shakey! Shakey! FRIDAY!)
5. Troy knowing how to do everything and me knowing how to...well, do nothing.

One of those things that Troy was so well-versed on was photoshop. One afternoon I hunkered down next to him in his cubicle and he enlightened me on the world or re-sizing and cutting and pasting. While the words were coming out of his mouth at a slow and intentional pace (so as not to lose me), I felt like Charlie Brown in the fourth row. "Wah wah, wah wah, waaah."

So all of this chatter is leading somewhere, I promise. A few weeks ago, I emailed Troy and told him that I needed his mastery photoshop skills for a blog project (bloject?). Halloween was fast approaching, and I knew that the same hand that crafted FederBear, Mirkadeer and Holy Mother Mary would craft something grand and ghostly for the fall's best holiday.

Alas, Troy delivered. And though I'm a few days late in putting these up, I think that they're well worth the gander.

First, we have Serendaleezza Rice. After a strong 2007, Serena decided to give up tennis - and acting - and go into politics. Currently, she's lobbying for the Bush Administration to make Aneres, her clothing line, the official wear of all government officials.

Second (and last, for now), we have Justine Spears. Justine, too, was so over tennis. Instead of going the way of the law, Justine decided to try her luck in music. Her first hit, "Hand in The Air" was a flop though. Good try JuJu! At least she looks bomb on stage, right?

Troy Venechanos illustrations.

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