Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tennis Chatter: Side Dish

While I'm guessing your plate was, is or will be quite full, I thought I'd give you a side dish of entertainment. I was hoping to post some absurd YouTube video featuring turkeys playing tennis or something of the like. But, alas, no such video exists, which is certainly disappointing.

I did, however, gather a few fast facts to fill your tennis hunger for the day.

Happy Thanksgiving all!

--TENNIS online editor Kamakshi Tandon has compiled the key stats from this past year's WTA Tour.

--Jon Wertheim discusses Davis Cup and much, much more in his latest MailBag.

--Can Vaidisova cool down her temper to heat up her results? Ravi Ubha weighs in on ESPN.

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The Tennis Hacker said...

And in other Thanksgiving news: Alex Rodriguez eats crow. (Sorry, tennis fans, a bit of baseball humor: the heart-warming, holiday story of a player who left 21 million dollars on the table in a botched salary negotiation.)