Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Photoblog: Finally, An Intern

Disclaimer: the photoblog idea totally came from the brilliant mind of Matt Murphy. I always give credit where credit is due. So Matt, where'd you get the idea?

Though my real camera stopped working a few months ago (that's what I get for buying it at Costco), I still try to take (poor quality) pictures with my camera phone as often as possible.

This week, Troy and I were sent off on a task that only interns could complete: pick up the manikin legs. Yes, that's right, the manikin legs were done with their photo shoot and they needed us to move them. You see, manikin legs might be legs, but they don't necessarily move - hence us getting them.

So we set off to pick them up from Rainier, the German photographer (not the beer). And from here on out, I'll let the photos do (most) the talking:

(Troy and I lugged the manikins in body bags downstairs. Glares from passersby were numerous. AIPT photo.)

(Then the cab dropped us off almost a block away from our destination - the Land of Manikins. Troy did the carrying. I played paparazzi. AIPT photo.)

(We heard crying from inside of a building and what did we find? The Land of Manikins. Our legs were finally home. AIPT photo.)

(Once we returned the legs, we hit the streets again but were pulled into a dark alley by this mysterious du: Federelf and Mirkadeer. "Take this," they told us. Troy Venechanos illustration.)

(They handed us a minute piece of paper, and, alas! It was page 66 of the October issue of TENNIS Magazine. With me, a stamp-sized boy, rolling on a foam tube. AIPT photo.)

Our mission was complete. Our work as interns - done.

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M said...

hooray for your magazine debut! From what I can see, the picture looks stunning and your position is FAS. I don't know where I got the photoblog idea from actually. I hesitate to say it was my own idea but I could have just forgotten. Hmmm....if only I had your memory