Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And Then it Got Hot...

Today New York got hot. Really hot.

My runs on Brooklyn Bridge have become a staple in my typical New York day. I get up at 7, on the train by 8, at the office by 8:30 for a full day until 5. Train home, run on the bridge, talk with friends, catch up on my writing. Tonight my run was around 7; it's 9 o'clock and I still haven't stopped sweating.

Just too hot.

The one place I can take refuge (my room in my apartment is small, windowless and without AC) is the magazine. TENNIS keeps it a cool 72 degrees in the office. Just cool enough to be relaxing and perfect coming in from the sweltering heat and humidity of Manhattan's sea of concrete.

With Wimbledon underway, my co-workers spend a good chunk of their time in the conference room, in front of the TV. I only feel validated when two or three of them are watching too - but how great is it to be doing 'research' with Wimbledon on the set? My dream come true!

The work I'm starting to do is certainly enjoyable, and I feel as though I'm (slowly but surely) hitting my workplace stride. There have been bumps in the rode - and I know I'll hit a few potholes along the way - but I finally feel like I've settled a little, especially writing this piece.

I went out to dinner last night with my friend Carla. Carla is an advertising rep for the New York Times - the mother of all publications. It was great to sit down with someone around my age and compare office quirks, talk about the world from an intern's point of view and get some friendly advice about how to break up the 9 to 5 day.

Monday my fellow intern, Troy, has his first day - shrinking my work area from 16 square feet to 8. But I'll be glad to have someone there with me for the ride. Thursday I fly back to Seattle for a wedding - how incredible that we can span the country in a half day's flight. Can't wait!

Until then, I just hope I don't melt.


Anonymous said...

Love the blogs Nick! Keep it up (: We're trying not to melt in Cincy too. Try an iced mocha with whipped cream!!!

Anonymous said...

That was from us Nick... Annie & Tiny (: aka anonymous