Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Back In Action

After tragically losing my phone on Friday, and following five days of a courageous, phoneless existence, DHL delivered a new cell to me today at work.

It's scary how 'disconnected' I felt without my phone. I pride myself on being someone who is reflective, who builds relationship of value, and a person that - while having a great support network - is relatively independent as well. Yet any tipping of the scale can rock any of us, and being that I had just arrived in NYC, I was thrown completely off balance.

(My apartment building in Brooklyn Heights.)

But I feel like I'm back in action in many ways - finding my footing underneath me in New York with each passing day, I have figured out my train schedule to work (which includes two transfers!) and am continuing to explore the coffee shops in the neighborhood of my internship for something good.

New York has terrible coffee. Lots of terrible coffee. I know that I can find the nuggets of good stuff, I just have to search a little. I'm not expecting a Morning Light or a Katy's, but a place that can make a decent latte would greatly be appreciated - not this Dunkin Donuts crap everyone loves out here.

Today we had an editors meeting at TENNIS. The meeting lasted all day and was absolutely fascinating. First, the editors - there were 12 of them in the room, TENNIS is a small operation - critiqued the last issue, section by section, and offered up better advice for the future. Then each person pitched ideas for upcoming issues. It was just a day-in-the-life for them, but for me it was incredible - we talked about tennis for seven hours!

I'm looking forward to the weekend in the city: my friend Matt is back from vacation in Montana, so it'll be great to see him. Plus, my friend Troy (a New York native) and I are going to do one of the cheesy, double-decker bus tours of the city. I'm very much looking forward to that - more exploration and discovery!


troy said...

I will find a way to liken this bus ride to New York Minute - I hope you know that.

troy said...

Check out this post:

Nick McCarvel said...

Many thanks for the video find.