Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Different Kind of Love

Mark Philippoussis is playing a different kind of game these days. One that requires a lot of practice and slick moves, but no groundstrokes, volleys or overheads.

The former top-10 player is now the subject of a new reality TV show on NBC, set to debut this Tuesday in the States. The show has Philippoussis as its bachelor while two groups of women - one in their 40s and another in their 20s - will compete for his "love".

While the Aussies are unsure of what to think about Philippoussis' new aspirations, the one-time Wimbledon finalist has fallen out of the top 100 for the third straight year and is expected to fall even further after the grass court season, where he has points at Wimbledon (2R) and Newport (W).

Is this the tennis-turned-celebrity syndrome that Anna caught? Perhaps. But it will be fun to see whether the Scud is a stud or a dud, that's no doubt.

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