Sunday, June 24, 2007

British Blow

Wimbledon hasn't even begun and British tennis fans are already groaning.

Andy Murray, the country's new-found sports star and lone help for a home-grown title has pulled out of the tournament due to an injured wrist.

This isn't the start that anyone was hoping for.

And to think, we could've had something like this - with a pro-Murray crowd. Yikes.


Rodrigo said...

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Nick McCarvel said...

My Portugese isn't incredible, but I think Rodrigo is telling us he thinks my blog is interesting, and would like for everyone to check out his blog - it's about personalized t-shirts.

A marketing scheme? Maybe. But nice comment none the less. Cultures things up a bit, right?

troy said...

Yo <3 camisetas personalizadas

Is there a debacle over the Murray cover?

Nick McCarvel said...

I wouldn't say debacle. Disappointment for sure. But it's full speed ahead with the USO issue. No looking back!