Sunday, June 17, 2007

Beating the Unbeatable

Sunday was a similar day for Jelena Jankovic and Andy Roddick: they both fought back from difficult deficits and both picked up their first grass tournament victory of the year.

Actually, there's more these two have in common than one might realize: one player stands between them and what they want (well, actually two).

For Jelena, it's Justine. For Andy, Roger. Both have admitted to their struggle with said foes, both will be looks to quell the on-court spells that have them just 1-19 against these opponents.

Both want a Wimbledon title.

The All England club is clearly a magical place for both Roddick and Jankovic. In 2006, it was Jankovic who pounded her way past then-defending champ Venus Williams in the third round to launch a season revival and vault herself into the upper echelon of women's tennis.

For Roddick, he's been to the finals of Wimbledon twice, losing to Federer both times. For Andy, the pain came at the '04 Championships, when he lead by a set and a break before rain dampened his game and the hope for a trophy.

So on this odd Sunday - not because of Father's, but because we're one week removed from both the French and Wimbledon - both are clinging to the glory of their early grass season success.

But both are hoping for a late bang to beat those players that have been so elusive and take home a title they both want.


troy said...

I'm glad they are getting mentally tough before Wimby.

They don't want these kinds of tests in the early rounds (for fear of an upset) and by the final rounds it will be too late.

Roddick is still a punk though.

Jelena - a 'gay girl.'

Nick McCarvel said...

The BBC article that I linked to for Roddick has quite the discussion going on: fans are saying that the near-loss to Mahut proves that he will not, and can not, beat Federer - or win Wimbledon - which go hand in hand, right?
I read once that Jelena is the ugliest tennis player, ever. Something about a horse. I disagree. The girl has grit, that's all she needs.

Troy said...

That is a heated debate.

I am confident in saying that Andy will never win Wimbledon. IF he has to beat Federer in the process - that is one big, floppy IF I know but it's true.

I predict the Federel Express will be derailed before the finals by someone craftier and less weighed down.

I don't know if that's my savvy talking or just my desire for Federer not to win - but I'll throw it out there.

Jelena's kind of a butterface - but I've seen uglier (Belgians, anyone?)