Monday, June 11, 2007

A Missed Opportunity

This is the stat that screams for attention to me: one of 17 break points converted.

One of 17? That's 5.8%. A percentage that no grand slam champion would be proud of, and the percentage that kept Roger Federer from capturing his first Roland Garros title.

Yet 59 unforced errors is another stat that Federer should blush at. Though his post-match press conference had more of a tone of "Yeah, I'll try again next year" compared to "Man, I really blew it out there" like it should have.

Certainly, Federer will prepare himself properly for Wimbledon. But will he ever give himself a 100% chance to win this tournament? After this performance, it's hard to tell.


Troy said...

Federer knows his chances to capture the elusive Grand Slam are (like his conversion rate) becoming increasingly slim. The field is slowly but steadily closing the gap.

For the "ambassador of men's tennis" to not own up to his mistakes and shirk off interviews at a Slam final says a lot about his mental state.

Can we, for once, NOT assume he will take home Wimbledon and the US Open?

The ATP needs a new player to break out with a major title - in a major way. (I know)

Nick McCarvel said...

So is Nadal primed for the elusive French-Wimbledon double!?! I would LOVE to see that.

troy said...

I would LOVE to see that too - he is definitely in contention. He did well last year.

I want a new star though,Wimby is the star-maker. D.Jo, perhaps?

Dare I say Davydenko? Nah.

Nick McCarvel said...

The Djoker is definitely a possibility. But Davy? I think he's forever a C-List Top 10er. Which is a difficult thing to achieve. But he'll join Elena Dementieva there. Oh the Russians.