Friday, June 8, 2007

Court Drama

While the rest of the nation seemed to be enthralled by Paris Hilton's court drama today, I got to witness a much different squabble.

I headed to a public tennis center to have my racquet re-strung. Filling out my request form at the desk, a woman in her late 60s/early 70s approached fuming.

"Tell him to get off the phone!" She barked to the woman behind the desk. At first I thought she was talking about the teaching pro who was fielding a call inside a glass-enclosed office, but then she continued. "Last week he was on the phone for half an hour! He's wasting all our time!"

I looked over and saw a petite man across the lobby, half hidden by the wall, talking on the phone.

It seems this gentleman - Boris - comes to mixed doubles with one thing in mind: chat time. And while most people would think that involved his partner and/or his opponents across the net, Boris prefers whomever is on the other end of the line.

And while it was easy for me to chuckle about as I left the center, the woman paced back to the court fuming, telling Boris to hurry up - she didn't waste gas to stand around on the tennis court.


troy said...

Him being on the line is out of line. He should be on the service line - bottom line.


Nick McCarvel said...

Wow. I never thought the word 'line' could be used four times in two sentences.