Friday, June 15, 2007

Start Spreading the News

I arrived yesterday on the East Coast to begin my journey for the summer. Flying into Newark, New Jersey isn't the most exciting of adventures...I'm not necessarily a 'fan' of suburbia New Jersey, but it was the cheaper ticket and got me close to my destination.

Taking the train into the city was something I knew would be both a challenge and a whirlwind. First I got off in downtown Newark at the wrong station, walked aimlessly around for awhile, grabbed some delicious pizza and waited for another New York train.

Getting into Penn Station in Manhattan was incredible. The place is packed and everyone is in a rush. After living in Seattle for two and a half years, I have gotten used to a lot of urban trends. The hustle and bustle of New York is one thing that Seattle doesn't compare to.

The one thing I've noticed in my so-far NYC travels (yesterday and Thanksgiving break) is that people here are incredibly nice and helpful. Everyone is in a rush - but every time I ask someone for a little direction they are happy to give it. That doesn't happen in Seattle, period.

I have the weekend to unpack and explore before starting at TENNIS Magazine on Monday morning at 9 a.m. This morning I went running on the Brooklyn Bridge and took in the enormity of the Manhattan skyline(s) while simultaneously cursing each dry public water fountain I came across.

No wonder those guys with coolers of water bottles make bank.

Thanks to everyone for their continuous support via Facebook, texts, phone calls and letters. More to come - both from me and the tennis world!


Ashley said...

Bravo good man, good luck on Monday!

And remember, I'm living precariously through you!

Nick McCarvel said...

Thanks Ash! I will be sending weekly emails to Tomas for class...maybe I'll BCC you :)