Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Place, Same Challenges

Getting settled over the last two days has been quite the adventure. My room is tiny (smaller than the one back in Seattle!), and its only window looks into a sort of sun roof/storage area. Not the Waldorf Astoria by any means, but just enough space for me for the summer.

Last night I met up with my friend Troy. Troy is going to be interning with me at TENNIS and is quite familiar with the city having grown up just a few minutes outside of it. We had dinner at a great pub in Tribeca (near the World Trade Center) and then met up with his friend Rory (I'm hoping to meet Lorelai soon, too!) at a very swank Manhattan club.

It was at this club that I realized my phone was not in its usual pocket. And after inspection of all pockets in my jacket, pants and bag, I realized that my phone was indeed somewhere between Tribeca and our current location - also known as - lost.

Losing anything - especially your phone - is a hard experience to go through. You're angry at yourself, your idiocy, carelessness; but also feel frustrated that you're frustrated - hey! It's not that big of a deal.

So today, as I took to the streets of Brooklyn (first Verizon - cancel the phone; then the police department - file a report; then a random payphone - call the insurance company) I decided to take on the attitude of "Hey, you're a pretty lucky guy...don't worry about this!" Sure, I was freaking stressed out, but after a calming phone call to Mom (thanks, Neeners) I took a walk through the historic part of Cobble Hill Brooklyn and enjoyed the tree-lined, shade covered streets.

If New York has taught me anything so far it is that you have to Choose Your Attitude (CYA!). It's hardest when things aren't going your way, but knowing that in the end everything will turn out, I take refuge in one of my favorite sayings: "It's fine."


Troy said...

You got through your first NY dilemma while still maintaining your cool.

You were like Ashley in NY minute - except you lost a phone instead of a dog. And you didn't have annoying Mary Kate following you around.

Congratulations - you made Rory and I proud. :)

Nick McCarvel said...

Hey, I wouldn't have minded MK or Ash by my side today, they could've bought me some lunch or something.

M said...

Nick you sound like you are handling this crisis with your usual calm, cool and collected behavior. If only we could all be that way! I like your CYA's pretty fitting for my past two months.

I also love that Troy was able to liken this to NY Minute...I will have to meet said troy.

This post is indeed very ranting details-esque you copy cat :-)

Have fun with benton tomorrow! Can't wait to see you. I'm off to see Leah right now!

Ashley said...

Jeers to NY gobbling up your phone.