Thursday, June 7, 2007

Well, That Went Fast

Those were painful to listen to, I can't imagine actually having to watch it.

A new Ana has arrived. Can she have better grand slam success than the last?

Not if Justine has anything to say about it.


Troy said...

Anytime you think Maria will have an epic match - she gets bageled/breadtsicked.

Let's lower our expectations and watch her soar.

To the tune of 'Anna anna bo banna':

Ana ana iv-ana, i-vo no-na na iv-an-ovic. Ivanovic.

Nick McCarvel said...

This is the third time this year Maria has lost in that fashion. Am I sensing a trend?

I did a post a couple months ago "Sliding Sharapova" about Maria's worst career losses. Up until this year, she had just 8 over a five-year period...and this year she's already had three. Shocking!

Ivanovic should definitely cut a single of that. She'd be huge on the Serbian pop charts.