Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Canadian Triple

The last few weeks have been pretty good for Canadian tennis: Frank Dancevic made his run to the finals at Indianapolis before making the quarterfinals at his home tournament in Montreal.

Now, in Toronto, it's the women's turn to fly the Maple Flag.

Three wild cards - Marie-Eve Pelletier, Stephanie Dubois and Aleksandra Wozniak - all recorded first-round victories at the Rogers Cup, belting their way past higher-ranked players.

I always get excited about tournaments like the Rogers, especially for the home country. I think in a lot of ways, Americans lose touch with their tennis stars - and all sports stars for that matter - because of the vast size of our country. In places like England, Canada and even France, there's a romantic feeling around their tennis that comes alive when each respective country hosts a tournament. Something we can't match here in the states.

So to see Pelletier, Dubois and Wozniak all win their openers, that not only feels good for the tournament organizers, but for the fans as well. Can any of them get to round three? Well, that's a different story. But there's always hope for the underdog on the homecourt, that's for sure.

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