Saturday, August 11, 2007

NYC Firsts: Photo Shoots and FederBear!

New York City has been the home of a lot of first-time experiences for me. This city has taught me a lot in the short two months that I've been here, and I'm sad to say I have just 10 more days before I depart for what could be eternity, or perhaps just a year. Only time will tell...

This week (my eighth at the internship) surprisingly brought three firsts of its own.

The Photo Shoot Delivery
On Thursday, David Rosenberg, our photo editor, asked Troy and I to make a little delivery for him. Another one of the photo editors was setting up a photo shoot just a few blocks from the magazine, and they needed props delivered from the office. So Troy and I took a little trot to W20th and 6th.

Upon entering the studio, I felt like I was walking into a scene from America's Next Top Model or some TV set. A vast space with shiny hardwood floors and a raised ceiling gave the room an air of importance. Tim, SMASH art director, showed us around the studio, giving us a peek at the manikins in which they were using for a shoe shoot.

We didn't get to stay for the shoot itself, but I'm guessing the manikins (and bottle of cologne) cooperated just fine.

(The giant umbrella protected the manikins from the fierce rays of sun coming from the ceiling. Photo by AIPT.)

Photo Shoot: More Than an Observer
The next day (Friday), I was enjoying my time looking for pictures on Getty for our player profile section when David approached me again. "Want to be in the magazine?" He asked.

I laughed him off as he walked by. Not really sure what he was asking, but all the while slightly embarrassed and slightly intrigued by his comment. Later during the day, he approached me with tennis shoes, shorts and a shirt and said, "Let's get you into these."

It seems as though a last-minute crunch for the October issue left them with one option for part of the fitness section: do an in-house shoot. For some reason, I was the chosen candidate. And soon I found myself rolling on a thigh-massaging device with the direction of our SMASH fitness editor and Mr. Rosenberg himself.

(My BlueSteel face was on for much of the shoot. AIPT photo.)

FederBear and the Photoshop Lesson
Friday afternoon also brought a little lesson for me: the art of Photoshop. Troy was kind (and patient) enough to show me little details of the program. I never will be much of an artist, especially a digital artist, but I've realized the more skills I can attain the more marketable I am as a 21st-Century journalist. Sound lame? It is.

However, Troy created the most not-lame picture of all-time to cap off a great week at the magazine.

(FederBear. Troy Venechanos illustration.)


Anonymous said...

Nick that is so exciting!! Haha, what fun! Are you for sure in the magazine? I want one!

Anonymous said...

that was the way

troy said...

you will sell all of the magazines, it will be like that issue of playgirl you were on the cover of

feder-bear is the new verdasco

Nick McCarvel said...

For the record, there was no Playgirl cover, but I was on the cover of Entertaiment Weekly and Martha Stewart living on the same week. I'm that big of a deal.

Erwin said...

i will buy the issue when it comes out.

re: sportingo, there are a bunch of sites like that to choose from, though I have to say Sportingo has a strong tennis presence. ArmchairGM and Yardbarker are two other sites you might consider.


Nick McCarvel said...

Erwin! As always, thank you for your advice and guidance. I've enjoyed reading your first-hand accounts from the EWBC. Any word on the Djokovic pictures...?

Marysia said...

Mew, that's so exciting that you got to model!!! Of course they chose you to do it, because you're a stud muffin and then some. I hope your last few days of your internship continue to hold fun new adventures!

unclear said...

isn't Tim the ART DIRECTOR? he's not a photo editor - do your research

I'm SO sorry