Friday, August 10, 2007

Tennis Chatter: TGIF!

For some reason I'm completely delighted that it's Friday. Finally finally finally! The thing is, I didn't really have a tough week. I only worked four days and enjoyed a couple nights out with Matt, and dinner with my friend Marysia, who's moving here to go to Pratt.

Therefore, instead of doing ample research and putting up a legitimate post, I've skimmed my favorite sites to bring the juiciest of tennis juice to you this morning. And as always, no pulp included.

Craig Hickman talks about Fernando Verdasco's bad behavior and Frank Dancevic's heroic moment late yesterday afternoon in Canada. Will Verdasco have explanation for his statement? Probably not.

Cheatwave 2007 has hit the WTA Tour. But didn't that hit the tour last year, with a banana leading the way? In fact, I thought Bolletieri said it's been going on forever...?

"Well-known tennis coach Nick Bollettieri authored a newspaper article during Wimbledon admitting he had called signals from courtside for a quarter century. He also argued for the legalization of on-court coaching as an unenforceable "fact of life." -A November 2006, USA Today article.

And it seems as though one of the new stars of the WTA isn't so fond of Maria Sharapova. Jelena Jankovic began a good old War of Words with Sharapova in LA this week. Will the two settle the dispute on the court? Man, I hope so.

Enjoy the weekend!


topspin me said...

Hi! I read some of your posts and I think you write very well. Maybe a little too opinionated, but I guess that's what most readers want.
Anyway, I'm linking you to my site Hope you can find time to visit it, and maybe find something you like. I would also appreciate it if my site can somehow be linked to yours. Thanks. :)

Nick McCarvel said...

Hey, thanks for the note. Too opinionated though? But it's a blog! Blogs are supposed to be opinions my friend.

I'll link to some of your new stuff - it looks fun. Cheers.