Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Freshman (I'm Just a Spectator) Fifteen

You know how it's said that college students put on weight in their first year away? The Freshman Fifteen is what it's usually referred to as. Or, for some, the Freshman Forty.

Well, I'm not sure which to apply to Mirka Vavrinec, girlfriend of Roger Federer. The woman was once rocking the top 100 of the WTA Tour, now she just seems to be rocking the concession stands.

I'm just being honest here, but couldn't she take a few work out tips from Sir Rog? Or at least from her former self? I guess her and Marion have been hanging out lately.

And no, Mirka isn't a newly-christened college student. But all the time she spends parked in the stands could rival the couch sitting of any video-game playing frat boy.


Todd and in Charge said...

Hey I like your blog.

But take it easy on Mirka, she doesn't have to look like a tart to be attractive -- she seems very assured and classy to me.

But whatever happened to Camille, Baggy's young French lover?

Nick McCarvel said...

Hey Todd. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I should take it easy on Mirka...but I wonder why a former professional athlete would let herself go after being in such top shape? Is that human nature? Once we lose sight of an initial goal we give up completely?

As for Baggy's girl, I'll do some digging and get back to you. Cheers!

Troy said...

greetings from Greece - glad to see youre not taking it easy on moo-rka