Monday, August 27, 2007

Night at the Open

In tonight's US Open coverage on USA, Serena Williams wasn't the only one making a fashion statement. Now I by no means am a fashion expert - I'm actually far from it. I do, however, have a sense of what is okay and what is not. And Tracy Austin's outfit was just not okay.

(Austin's outfit was designed by Papa Smurf. AIPT photo.)

While Tracy was struggling with her fashion off the court, Tatiana Golovin was struggling with her game on the court. This French girl really baffles me. After finishing the summer with a solid performance in Canada and teaming up with Mats Wilander in what seemed to be a great partnership, she's goes out in the first round to a wild card?

Sounds like confidence issues if you ask me.


ruberdcky said...

Nick -- my pal JNP saw Tatiana practicing two days ago, and she still seemed flustered by her recovery. she hadn't recovered 100% from her injury.

Todd and in Charge said...

She lost to a player from South Florida who hits at my club and lives in my town -- go Rolle!

Nick McCarvel said...

Thanks for the updates boys! I was guessing that Tati was still not 100% from that injury...but after such a solid week in CA, I thought she'd worked through the kinks. No doubt Rolle fought her way back into the match after getting drubbed in the second set. But will we ever see consistency from Golovin?

M said...

Please wear it to the wedding. We don't even need to phone conference about it. :-)