Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Off to New Haven

I know I live in Seattle most of the year, but does the weather really have to follow me cross country on the one day of the summer I get the chance to watch some pro tennis live?!? Bah humbug.

This morning my alarm rang at 6 a.m., which was about four to five hours earlier than I had been getting up the last four days with my brother in town from Montana.

My first order of business was to check the dang weather, which promised 40-50% chance of rain throughout the day. Part of me wanted to climb back into my comfy bed and forget the whole thing...but the other part of me couldn't stand not deciding to go and then finding out it had turned out to be a beautiful day in central Connecticut.

I hopped the 6:58 train to New Haven out of Grand Central Station and couldn't believe that some people do this - everyday. My daily commute in Seattle involves eight city blocks on foot, not miles upon miles of train tracks. And for some, that's just part of the journey!

My two-hour train rain concluded at Union Station in the grand city of New Haven. Exiting out of the station, I decided to forgoe the "Lucy's" taxi (in pink writing) and go with a more familiar breed - the Yellow Cab. My driver got me to where I had asked to be dropped off: the Yale Bowl. I, however, did not realize that when the tournament web site said "located near the Yale Bowl" that 'near' was a relative term.

Therefore, I walked back and forth, and forth and back for a good 20 minutes before finally finding a route that would lead me to the tennis. I found my media pass (no thanks to the friendly Pilot Pen staff that guided me to the Will Call line...) and then the media center.

And that's where I remain now. I've been up for nearly five hours and have yet to see a tennis ball struck. The rain, however, is hitting pretty hard. Will I get any live views at all today? Stay tuned to find out...

(A live shot from my cubicle in the press room! So official. AIPT photo.)

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