Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Haven: The New Seattle

If rain is out of fashion in Seattle then I know which city stole its style for the season: New Haven, Connecticut.

By 1:30 no tennis ball has been hit. And they don't even have grounds people working to keep the courts semi-dry: the rain has been upgraded to 'steady'.

(Look! An empty interview room. Which means no matches have been completed. Which means no matches have even started. AIPT photo.)

Oh what I'd give for a Ashley Harkleroad press conference right now. "So Ash, tell us about your MySpace quote..."


Erwin said...

can't wait to read your pilot pen posts... once play actually starts.

Nick McCarvel said...

Erwin! I won't be in New Haven for any play. I fly out tomorrow for Seattle, and then to Montana on Thursday...as FAR away from the pro tennis tour as you can get :(